Experienced Marquee Event Hire in Perth


Marquee Structures are designed to suit any size function.
Structures are scalable in both width and length and as a guide below are the following widths we can offer:

  • 3 metre
  • 6 metre
  • 10 metre
  • 15 metre
  • 20 metre
  • 25 metre
  • 30 metre
  • 50 metre

  • Marquee Structures can be installed on any surface as we offer certified securing mechanisms that comply to Australian Standards. Pedersens also of fers a vast range of different accessories to compliment structures.

    One of our Marquee event hire locations in Perth

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    Pedersens stock a range of pitched roof style marquees in the following sizes:

  • 3 metre
  • 4 metre
  • 5 metre
  • 6 metre

  • Pagoda accessories are also available to further enhance the look appropriate for your event

    Wedding at private residence - 5 metre x 5 metre white roof pagoda, installed on
    white parquetry pool cover.

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    An alternate range of festival style/pitched roof marquees are our robians. We offer these in the following sizes:

  • 3 metre x 3 metre
  • 6 metre x 3 metre

  • These robians are also available in a wide range of colours.

    Perth Zoo Private Event - 15 metre x 25 metre structure installed with surrounding
    3 metre x 3 metre white robians.

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    Shade Sails

    Our shade sail range with UV protection is an economical solution to provide maximum coverage to your event.
    Shade sails are available in the following sizes:

  • 15 metre x 15 metre
  • 15 metre x 30 metre

  • Community Event - Shade Sail 15 metre x 30 metre.

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